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Whether it's your business or home, you prefer wild animals stay in the wild. Call professional animal relocater Doug Valentine to humanely remove unwanted wildlife and relocate them back to nature.


Don't try to trap the animal yourself, you could harm yourself or others. Our animal removal experts are skilled at getting rid of unwanted wildlife with effective methods.

Holey Moley!! Professional Mole and Wildlife Control offers a 10% military discount and

is available 24/7 for your animal removal emergencies.

Proven and Affordable Wildlife Control

Protect your property from unwanted critters

Your dog's been barking up a storm because a wild animal is under the porch. Don't risk the dog chasing it across the neighborhood, call us and we'll live trap the critter and

re-locate it to a better habitat. No poisons or cruel traps are used in our program. In addition, we do this for the lowest price in Michigan.

• Raccoons

• Opossums

• Moles

• Feral cats

• Groundhogs

• Woodchucks

• Squirrels

Get in touch with us to know more about our services. Call: 517-740-8627

Humane wildlife removal and relocation services

• Ground squirrels

• Snapping turtles

• Muskrats

• Fox

• Skunk deodorizing

• Live trap sales and rentals

• Minor exclusion work