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You want moles off your property but we advise that you don't use poison. Call Holey Moley!! Professional Mole and Wildlife Control for expert mole control. Poison is a threat to your children, pets, and other wildlife. Don't risk accidental ingestion.


We have 10 years of experience and offer a 90-day mole control guarantee using traps - no chemicals and no poison. Military veterans and retired Navy personnel receive a 10% discount, and we work 24/7 for your convenience.

Poison-Free Mole Control

Get results and a 90-day mole control guarantee

Trust that we'll get your mole problem under control. We have been in business for a decade, and have 100% customer satisfaction with residential areas, business property, golf courses, and sporting fields. Owner Doug Valentine will keep your property looking great with professional mole control and wildlife removal.

• Residential

• Business complexes

• Apartment complexes

• Golf courses

• Cemeteries

• Sports fields

Get 100% customer satisfaction. Call: 517-740-8627

Save money with our low prices for mole removal and wildlife relocation

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